Company Literature and Workplace Dust Health and Safety Hazards Information

This page is where you’ll find various useful CCS pieces that might include drawings and specs.

You’ll also find some of the latest and most relevant research as we watch the industry trends and make our awareness of the hazards and dangers of workplace dust available to our clients as well.

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Research Shows That Workplace Dust is Responsible for Many Illnesses

New Research Suggests Dust Could Be Critical Factor in Respiratory Disease Among Deployed Troops

STONY BROOK, NY - Research presented this month at the Second Annual Scientific Symposium on Lung Health after Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan indicates that some of the lung disease seen in returning warriors may be caused by a surprising and ubiquitous agent - dust. Read more...

Occupational dust exposure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

This interesting study said: We conclude that occupational dust is an important cause of COPD, and the risk appears to be greater for gold miners than for coal miners. One possible explanation of the greater risk among gold miners is the higher silica content in gold mine dust.” Read more...

Coffee Worker’s Lung

“Coffee Worker's lung: Inhalation of coffee bean dust in occupational settings can cause various lung symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies depending on the duration of the exposure. The lung symptoms result from the body's immune system reacting to exposure to small air-borne particles. Chronic exposure can lead to progressive lung symptoms...” Read more...

Lung Changes in Woodworkers

“Pathological changes were observed in the lungs of two workers who had been exposed to wood dust for many years... Studies have shown that woodworkers are in an environment heavily saturated with wood dust. The present study suggests that the wood dust is inhaled into the alveoli and may lead to changes in the lungs.” Read more...

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OSHA’s Regulations Regarding Airborne Lead

OSHA regulations regarding airborne lead are well addressed by dust booth clothese cleaning systems. OSHA requires provisions for the cleaning of lead contaminated dust from workers’ clothing. Read more...

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A New Method to Clean Dust From Soiled Work Clothes

CDC’s newsletter introducing the technology: The clothes-cleaning process was designed within the guidelines of the two federal regulations and provides a much more effective and quicker method for cleaning dust-soiled work clothes.. Read more...

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