Dust-Covered to Clean in 18 Seconds or Less

There is no faster or more effective way to remove all visible dust from workers’ clothing than Tempest WindDraft technology.

Depending on the size of your workforce and number of shifts per day, you could see your booth system pay for itself in just weeks.

Watch the Tempest WindDraft in Action:

Tempest WindDraft II

ETL Listed to comply with all UL and Canadian Standards.
Proudly made
in America

Tempest WindDraft™ Technology Benefits

With increasingly stringent safety and health regulations and workman’s compsensation, disability claims, and legal actions on the rise, every precaution taken to manage risk and protect employee health and welfare is a sound business investment. Tempest WindDraft™ dust and decontamination booths provide a safe, effective, economically-viable cleaning method that reduces risk while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Health and Safety Compliance Benefits:

Built to Government Specifications: Clothes Cleaning Systems Tempest WindDraft Dust & Decontamination System is manufactured based upon government specifications.

Mining: This technology was originally invented to address the silica mining industry’s perpetual risks of pulmonary disease and cancers resulting from exposure to silica-contaminated dust. The Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) will review individual installations of this clothes cleaning method for approval on a case-by-case basis.

Low-Pressure Air: The Tempest WindDraft system utilizes two separate directional air flows to remove the dust from a worker’s clothing. “Wind” is a horizontal stream of air regulated to less than 30 psi. The liberated dust is simultaneously captured in a vertical flow of air, the “Draft”, for immediate evacuation from the booth and worker.

Wearing PPE: Employees wear their PPE into the booth, therefore their eyes, faces and skin may be protected from dust. Optional respirator ports supply fresh air as well.

Protecting Families: Dust travels well: It makes it into cars, homes and washing machines. Tempest WindDraft booths all of the dust that can be removed from the clothing protecting workers’ families from harmful contaminants that cause skin diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancers and more.

Productivity and Cost Benefits:

18-Second Cleaning Cycle: Dust removal using HEPA vacuums can take two employees up to ten minutes to clean just one person — that’s 20 wasted minutes on your timeclock. Tempest booths cycle in as few as 10-18 seconds. On a 10-person shift, WindDraft technology saves nearly 7 hours of employee time.

Clean PPE: Wearing PPE into the booth cleans the protective equipment at the same time as employees’ clothing, saving even more time.

Employee Comfort & Job Satisfaction Benefits:

More Comfortable Conditions: With an 18-second cycle time, employees can remove dust at almost any time during their shift, staying cleaner and irritant-free all day.

Cleaner Work Bags, Lockers and Cars: Dust is pervasive. Employess often rush the time-consuming task of using HEPA vacuums for clothes cleaning, making an ineffective process even less effective. The 18-second Tempest WindDraft solution is super-effective; employees will gladly use the dust removal booth and enjoy dust-free personal space.