Partnership Made the Tempest Booth Possible

Technology as significant to the health and welfareof today’s workforce is invented by inspiration. Toxic dust can cause diseases from cancers to bacterial infections and more.

Learn about the innovation in this short video:

NIOSH’s Early Design

ETL Listed to comply with all UL and Canadian Standards.
Proudly made
in America

With Clothes Cleaning Systems Tempest WindDraft technology, Harmful Workplace Dust is Simply Gone

Manufacturing the Dream: the clothes cleaning, personal dust removal booth concept is a reality in many industries.

The technology used in the Tempest WindDraft booth design has been developed to address toxic dust in the silica mining industry. Today, we know that many industries’ workers are put at risk from exposure to both toxic and non-toxic dust. Cancer, bacterial infections, skin diseases and more — even inhalation of non-toxic dust particles has been linked to diseases, including sleep apnea — which in itself is a contributor to many other health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension along with another severe workplace hazard: daytime sleepiness; which can seriously impact a worker’s safety performance and productivity. Understanding the magnitude of the risks of dust exposure is ‘step one’ in taking the simple, cost-effective action of using Tempest WindDraft equipment on your site.

Historically, the only other accepted method of dust removal was the time-consuming use of a HEPA vacuum, which yields very poor results.

Today, a viable, cost-saving — and health-saving — alternative is the Tempest WindDraft booth whose design strictly conforms to government and inspections specifications. Their specifications for design and components — followed by CCS in all of our models — is a highly effective, safety compliant, low-pressure personal dust removal booth that removes contaminated dust from workers’ clothing using low pressure (<30 psi), regulated air while evacuating the liberated dust in a constant air-stream of more than 2,000 cfm. The first generation booth was tested and proven effective in removing virtually all dust from worker’s clothing in 18 seconds or less while the worker continues to wear their PPE. The low pressure, regulated air ensures that dust is not forced into the skin, which can easily happen using higher pressure, compressed air. CCS Booths are the safe, effective, compliant solution.

Today, Clothes Cleaning Systems continues to expand the use of our product within the mining, aerospace, lead, cement and other industrial markets — and new applications across a broad spectrum of product manufacturing industries are emerging.

Tempest WindDraft dust and decontamination booth equipment significantly improves health, productivity, compliance, and job satisfaction — benefits everyone from employees to risk managers and CFOs can appreciate.