Our Satisfied Customers Represent Varied Industries

There are few industries that are not impacted in some way by hazards posed by particulate matter. From simple irritants to carcinogenic agents, dust is represents a workplace health hazard that risk managers battle routinely.

Clothes Cleaning Systems’ Tempest WindDraft dust and decontamination equipment provides health and safety managers with the solution they need to remove all visible dust from workers’ clothing.

CCS has provided many forward-thinking companies with equipment that is improving the quality of their safety programs daily.

Watch the Tempest WindDraft in Action:

Tempest WindDraft II

ETL Listed to comply with all UL and Canadian Standards.
Proudly made
in America

Forward-thinking Companies Have Installed Tempest WindDraft Equipment for the Health Benefits to Their Workers

Health-conscious companies consistently seek ways to improve the safety of their workers’ enviroments. CCS dust and decontamination equipment offers an impactful solution to workplace dust that has been adopted by the following industry leaders:


Powder Coating Manufacturing Minnesota


Steel Manufacturing Tennessee and Georgia


Coffee Roasting & Grinding Pennsylvania


Roofing Materials Manufacturing Wisconsin

Gulfstream Aerospace

Private Jet Airplane Manufacturer Georgia


Thermal Spray Coatings Alberta, Canada, Michigan and New York

Anglo American

Copper Mining and Refining Chile

Hubbell Electric

Electrical Components Alabama


Coal Fired Electric Power Stations Tennessee and Kentucky

ATCO Power

Coal Fired Electric Power Generation Alberta, Canada

Kennecott-Utah Copper

Copper Mining & Refining Utah


Silica Mining Quebec, Canada; Australia; North Carolina; Illinois

Capital Power

Coal Fired Electric Power Generation Alberta, Canada

Mahle Engine Components

Manufacturing Engine Pistons (Lead dust) Ohio

US Silica

Silica Mining Berkley Springs, WV

Carmeuse Industrial Sands

Silica Processing Texas


Testing and Research Lab Pennsylvania

Vale Inco

Nickel Mining & Processing Manitoba, Canada


Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory Maryland

Owens Illinois

Silica Processing Quebec, Canada

Weber Metals

Aluminum & Titanium Forgings California

CITIC Pacific

Silica & Asbestos Mining Australia

Rickett Benckiser

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Moscow, Russia

Xtrata Nickel

Nickel Mining & Smelting Ontario, Canada

ECS Refining

Lead Refining Texas


Silica Mining Taiwan