At CCS it's important to us to give back to the Community. We directly support the following two organizations in America and abroad:

We feel that the orphans of the world are everone’s kids

There are 50,000 children in 600 orphanages in Belarus, a small country neighboring Poland to the east and southeast of Lithuania. The orphans of Belarus have little help and hope for the future, with a life expectancy of just 29 years. Once discharged from an orphanage at the age of 17, without life skills, it is difficult to find a job, a place to live, even food. Most have no family or friends they can rely upon. Bridge of Hope for Belarus and Others, Inc. provides funds, aid and resources to help the orphans develop basic life skills and job skills that will give them a chance to survive the future.
We feel that our American heroes deserve the best support at home

Hundreds of military and support organizations are providing critical services daily. They need a durable framework that will help them forge strength in numbers. As AIMS members develop their network, they will protect the longevity and effectiveness of the collective through co-promotion, combined advocacy and knowledge sharing of innovative processes, best practices and emerging information. The veteran support community cannot afford to lose the nimble, adaptable and creative grassroots organizations whose new efforts may not otherwise survive the passage of time; diminishing media attention; and the powerful marketing efforts of larger organizations.